Letter to Incoming Freshman

Dear Incoming Freshman,

Your freshman year is the most important. I guarantee many people have told you this, but it’s extremely true. One time when I was in biology class doing an experiment and one tenth grader said, “I wish I really cared my freshman year. I’m so far behind everyone.” Then another tenth grader said “Yes omg, I shouldn’t be in here. Where are friends at?” Care about your freshman year. The best way to survive your first year in high school is to do all your work. If you don’t do it on time you’ll be backed up with all these papers and your grade will fall. I personally had this problem. I didn’t do any class work but did good on test, eventually when all these homework grades were posted, the A starts to slip away easily. Tip for success: ALWAYS DO EXTRA CREDIT. No matter what, do the extra credit, you’ll never know if your going to need it. The first year will also be the year you find out who your friends are. Also, stay as far away as drama as possible. Get a restraining order against drama, it’s a must. One more thing, don’t be scared for high school. Everything will be fine. If you do all the stuff I listed above your freshman year will be great and no problems at all. Wish you all the best of luck.


Tyler Slussar


Favorite Character In Of Mice and Men (Journal Topic #1)

In English, we are currently reading Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck. The book is overall very good, I recommend you to read it. My favorite character in the story is Lennie. The main reason he is my favorite character is because he reminds me of Randy from the T.V. , My Name Is Earl. Lennie is “different.” He’s “slower” than any of the other characters. Even though I have read to the end of the book, Lennie is still my favorite character. If you ever read the book, which you should, at the end Lennie deserves what he got. I’m not going to spoil anything but what happened to Lennie for his own good. Here’s a little bit of what happened. Lennie can’t understand as fast as other people can. He’s sort of a child. Also, he doesn’t mean any harm, just things don’t look like what it seems. Then, Lennie and another fellow George have to go place to place to keep jobs, money, homes and to stay together.

Bat Hero

Batman doesn’t kill people, he only harms people. Batman or actually Bruce Wayne is a billionaire who has struggled through his childhood with no parents. Mr. Wayne soon builds his own industry and made a batsuit to help crime throughout the city. Without his suit, he’s not much but still a hero. Bruce Wayne or Batman is a hero because he helps the city and cares for most people.

Batman only takes down the bad guys and he makes them surrender and never kills anyone. Batman is a hero in Gotham City and a hero for the police force especially to James Gordon, a Gotham City police official. For example in Arkham City, Batman goes into the church to save Catwoman who is getting attacked by Harvey Dent. Even though Catwoman isn’t all “good,” Batman goes in a saves her because Harvey Dent is incorrect in killing her. Batman is also very caring, most famously for his sidekick Robin. For example in Arkham City, Batman doesn’t hear from Robin in a while. Batman decides to go searching for him with anything necessary.

Batman is a true hero for the people of Gotham City. Batman is extremely caring and dedicated to his work to prove the city’s help to stop crimes. Doesn’t matter who is committing they will have to pay their punishment with Batman around.



Very Strange Night

Late one night, I walked downstairs in the dark and I saw something strange. I saw a body figure and I got scared. The figure of the body appeared to be a woman. My eyes were just tripping from staring at a bright TV in a dark room. But then I saw the figure moved again, slower this time, inching towards me. I thought I was just imagining women, because my life sucked, and no one loved me, but this was real! The woman was Kim K. and I was geeked. And after Kim K appeared Beyonce came out the cut and ya know your boy started spitting his game to them.  I was nervous that I was gonna scare them away with my ugly face because it’s happened before. As I’ve been told that I do have a repulsive personality, Kim and Beyonce ran away from me screaming. This didn’t mind this as it hasn’t been the only time. Kim K had to go home to her baby daddy and her kid. Thing went more downhill afterwards. Then Kim K DIES!!!!! Before she died she killed Kaitlin Jenner and they died. My homie Kim K…..dawm. Who killed her? Either way, she’s all mine now. And that what happens when you walk downstairs at night.


This was a fun thing we did in English class. We passed around our Chromebook as each person wrote one sentence.

Important Moment

One moment that was important to me was state finals competition for marching band. This was it, the moment everything came down too. All the practice and the harsh summer weather that I had to bare through. Right before we stepped on the field, it hit me. How important this was to the seniors, for Mr.Sturm, and to continue what Mr. Fox has left. However, while all the emotions were going through my head so was the marching. Since we were performing in a college stadium that also hosted high school football there were two different size hashes. I was afraid that I would forget which one I was supposed to go to, but I didn’t. When we first started playing it seemed dry or as if all the sound just hit a giant brick wall. From my ears, the sound seemed to be sucked up into the ground. Not only that I could hear the band seem dry, but I could also hear cheers of our fans. Who would want us to achieve what we had planned. At the moment all felt my mallets in my hand, knowing that this performance is up to me. I could be one of the reasons why we could go from an I (Superior) to an II (Excellent). As we got off the field nothing negative went through my brain, I felt proud, I knew I accomplished this long summer for this exact moment and everything planned out like it should have. The results just showed why we travel two hours from Columbus to perform.

Farewell Student Blogging Challenge (Week 10 Student Blogging Challenge)


  • How many posts did you write?


  • How many were school based, your own interests or set by the challenge?

All Blogs

  • How many comments did you receive from classmates, teachers or overseas students?


  • Which post received the most comments? Why do you think that happened?

This I Believe Post received the most comments. I think this happened because people agreed with what I believe. Hard work pays off.

  • Which post did you enjoy writing the most and why?

The post I enjoyed writing about the most was the Student Weekly Challenge Week 5 Biscuits and Gravy because it is a food that I enjoyed when I was younger.

  • Did you change blog themes at all and why?

No I never changed my blog theme because I like to stay true to my family, Slushies.

  • How many widgets do you have? Do you think this is too many or not enough?

None, I think this is perfectly fine.

  • Which web tools did you use to show creativity on your blog?

I used Images.


Another Person Observation

  • What were your first impressions of this blog?

Nice, well made

  • What captured your attention?

The pictures

  • What distracted you on the blog?


  • What suggestions can you give me to improve my blog?

Post more often


 Evaluating The Student Blogging Challenge 

Overall I liked the student blogging challenge, it gave me topics to blog about and gave me information from another places. I didn’t comment on other peoples blogs very often, but when I did it was very interesting. The whole blogging challenge was overall very well.

Esperanza’s View Vs. My View

For Class I have been reading The House On Mango Street by Sandra Cisneros. As an assignment we have to reflect on a question of our choice, with the main characters view (Esperanza) and my own view. Describe a situation where you once felt really out of place or uncomfortable. Why did you feel this way? What does the word “outcast” mean?


Esperanza’s View

Anytime you feel uncomfortable it is the worst. Whether it’s being the only girl in the room, being a place with people you don’t belong with or in my case in a situation where you were sorta forced to do so. I remember the exact words he said to me “I love you, Spanish girl, I love you “. It wasn’t that I didn’t like the man, it’s just what actions he did. He “pressed his sour mouth to mine”. I yelled Sally’s name but she never came. I felt uncomfortable because it’s not what I wanted, I was forced against my will.

(Cisneros 100)


My View

Anytime you feel uncomfortable it is the worst. Yes Esperanza would use those words but it is completely true. I could say I felt uncomfortable when I’m at a family reunion because it’s usually a bunch of family you have never seen before, but that would be cheesy. One time that I felt uncomfortable is when I was with a group of friends. Wait, how are friends make you fell uncomfortable? Well, what happened was they invited a bunch of different people, “different” people. People I don’t hang out with. I felt this way because I’m not a person who does things like them  “different” people. I wouldn’t call me an outcast but just someone who does something else.

Student Blogging Challenge Week #1 (Accidentally Never Posted)

Am I a different person online then I am in real life?

I would say I’m not a different person when I’m online versus offline. I act the same way, very kind and welcoming. I don’t just change because I know that the other person can’t seem me. I am who I am offline and as well as online.


This is my avatar.

This is my avatar.

This avatar represents because it looks just like me. Also its shows what I like, out of the box and the color red.



Biscuits ‘n’ Gravy (Student Blogging Challenge Week 5)

Biscuits ‘n’ gravy one of the popular foods in the United States, if I say so myself. The food is literately is what you think it would and taste like. Biscuits with gravy on top. On the first bite it will not just be biscuits and gravy on top it will be something you love forever. The steps are quite easy, brown the meat , make the gravy and biscuits and put them together. You don’t always have to use meat, but I bet it taste better with sausage. There are also other options. If you don’t want sausage, take it out, or you could make mushroom gravy. Biscuits ‘n’ gravy are found everywhere in the United States, it is served in almost every restaurant. There are also many different variations of biscuits ‘n’ gravy. You could make gravy soup and put biscuits in it. You could make your own special biscuits,wither it’s hot chili biscuits or sugar biscuits, and/or spicy or sweet gravy. You could put any twist you want on it. The best part is there is so many different places, people, taste, and flavor in world, that you might never taste the same biscuits and gravy again! Unless it’s your Great Granny’s Secret Recipe where it’s never going to get replace and always taste like home. 😉 There are many other popular foods in the world. I could have blogged about hamburger or hotdogs, but I choose biscuits and gravy because it’s a special place in my heart. It’s that type of food where you can always have it but when you get it, it’s still a real treat.


The Object Lesson Letter

Dear Friend,

I have just seen The Object Lesson and well, it was quite interesting. It needed a lot of focus, and understanding. At first I was very confused. Everybody was looking into boxes and I’m here like why is this place so trashed? Then that thought started to fade out and everything was making sense. The first scene made a lot of sense. It shows how everything you need is just something you can simply pull out, but you still could feel alone because of all this stuff. My favorite part of the show is when the man would say something on the phone and then have a conversation with himself. It goes to show that in this world full of people you still could be talking to yourself. Do you have everything you need? Do you have everything your want?